Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Green Thumb: Part One

The Crape Myrtle.

We have these beautiful crape myrtle trees on the edge of the property. Our neighbor told us yesterday that it is pretty easy to propagate crape myrtle cuttings. He explained to us that all you really need to do is cut the stems right below a node, put it in water for a day or so, and then plant them in some good soil. A websites I looked at after we talked with the neighbor suggests using a rooting hormone. We're going to try it without the added hormone. In a day or so we'll plant the cuttings in a pot. Then we wait. It will take about 2 months for roots to form. Once the roots are formed we can plant them somewhere on the property. 

I have also been experimenting with a few other plants. 

A friend at work planted an apple seed a few months ago and now has a pretty sizable plant growing at his desk. I wanted to try it too.

This is my apple tree. If you look really really closely you can see something starting to sprout.

I didn't think anything was actually growing until I looked at it closely today. 

I'm pretty excited that it seems to be working. 

This is my pepper plant. Last week we made a yummy un-stuffed pepper and ground turkey meal. Instead of throwing the pepper core into the compost bin I decided to plant it. I figured if nothing grew I would just add the entire thing to the compost. But a week later and there are already some little sprouts popping up! So cool :) 

I thought these potted flowers were dead. I almost threw them away. Then I learned that if you cut the dead heads off they would grow back. They are growing beautifully now! 

Gardening is completely new to me but I am really excited to learn. My hope is that I can learn enough to be prepared for a vegetable garden in the spring. 

I'll be updating this topic on a weekly basis. Check back in next week to see how my garden is growing! 

Do you have a garden? I'd love to hear your garden tips and tricks!