Friday, August 16, 2013

Reminder: Why I Run

Lately I feel that my runs have been "blah". I keep asking myself, "Where did that strong runner go who trained for, and kicked butt at, the Nike Women's Half Marathon DC in April?" Oh, that's right. The "the it's-not-even-5am-and-it's-80-degrees" type of weather has caused her to shrivel up. 

But today was different. Today the weather was PERFECT for running. It was a sunny 58-60 degree run with relatively low humidity! I could actually breath. If felt amazing. I needed a run like this, both, physically and mentally. 

There was a slight discrepancy between my watch and the MapMyRun app because I started the app, put the phone in my hydration pack, and then spent roughly a minute fumbling around with my watch. It slows things down a bit when you hit the wrong button and have to backtrack to the correct screen. Oops. 

Anyway-- Here's a breakdown of my splits:

Mile 1 - 0:09:44
Mile 2 - 0:10:14
Mile 3 - 0:10:00
Mile 4 - 0:10:01
Mile 5 - 0:09:15
Mile 6 - 0:10:09
Mile 7 - 0:10:04
Mile 8 - 0:09:18
Mile 9 - 0:10:03
Mile 10 - 0:09:56

Not too bad :)

Elevation Profile.

So why do I run? In no particular order..

1) Every time I step out the door to go for a run I am doing something to better myself and my health.

2) I run to feel strong, motivated, determined.

3) I run to set goals and then crush them.

4) I run to inspire others.

5) The running community is the best. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. 

6) I run because it keeps my anxiety away.

7) I run for the people who can't run and wish they could.

8) I run for the adventure of it.

9) I run because I like to eat-- especially chocolate.                *'s run burned 1230 calories and took less than 2 hours!

10) I run for the challenge. 

11) I run to push my body further than I ever thought it could       go.
     * I might post more on this later, but ask me about the Catoctin 50K sometime.

12) I run to break the mental barriers I have created for myself     over the years. 

13) I run for the beauty of it. Morning runs tend to have the most beautiful scenery.
     * Today I saw fog over multiple ponds, sheepies, horses and cows (all in different spots along the route).

14) I run for race medals.

Have you been having a particularly challenging time with running lately? Or maybe things have been going awesome for you? Either way-- I'd love to hear about it! 

Why do you run? What do you tell yourself when things start to get tough? 

Happy Friday Friends! :)