Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Memory Project

Today I wanted to share with Unapologetically You readers a fun project that I'm doing in 2015. 

Have you ever had someone ask you what you did over the weekend, and for the life of you, you couldn't remember exactly what you did? Now imagine what your response would be if at the end of 2015 someone asked you what you did this year. Sure, you'd probably remember the big life events; but would you recall the small details that make up every day life? Most likely not. Wouldn't it be neat if you could? :) 

That's where the 2015 Memory Project comes in! Every day I will write down one or two things I did that day and at the end of the year I will create something from what I wrote. Right now I picture the end product being a sort of calendar-ish year in review book. But who knows-- that could change over the year as the project develops. 

If you're someone who journals daily you might already do this. I've never been good at consistently journaling, so for me this project will take the form of a Google Doc. I planned to do this last year using index cards, but never fully committed to it. It was too much work to remember to find the index cards and write something every single day. I use Google Docs on my phone to track my fitness goals and finances-- so why not employ Google Docs for the 2015 Memory Project too! 

The 2015 Memory Project could take on any form you want. You could try the index card method, writing directly in a calendar, journaling, writing on a slip of paper and tossing it in a memory jar. The possibilities are endless with this project. 

The goal would be to find some way to remember, celebrate, and reflect on the big and small life events of 2015.

So who's with me? :) Let's make 2015 the year to remember!