Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Family Affair Truth in Lies: Spring (Book Two) by Mary Campisi

Hi Book Worms! Like I mentioned in my last book review, I'm addicted to the Truth in Lies Saga. Today's book review will focus on A Family Affair Truth in Lies: Spring by Mary Campisi. You can purchase this book through Amazon Kindle for $2.99. 

Spring is a continuation of A Family Affair Truth in Lies: Book One. Christine and Nate are now married and starting their life together in Magdalena, NY. Christine's mother Gloria can't get over the fact that she chose Nate and Magdalena over Connor Pendleton and Chicago. Determined to make Christine change her mind and return to Chicago, Gloria heads to Magdalena. She receives a less than warm welcome. Being the devious woman that she is Gloria pays Natalie Servetti, the  town bad girl, to drug Nate and take some incriminating photos; then give those photos to Christine. Natalie and the photos practically rip Christine and Nate's relationship apart.

Mary Campisi introduces Angelo "Pop" Benito in Spring and with the help of Lily Desantro, Pop's prized pizzelles, a baby on the way, and the realization that Gloria was behind the entire set-up; Christine and Nate are reunited and stronger than ever. 

Meanwhile, in Chicago-- the rich, handsome, playboy Harry Blacksworth (Christine's uncle) has realized that he's fallen in love with Greta Servensen. Harry and Greta share their own roller coaster of emotions in Spring. Just as Harry comes to terms with the fact that he wants more than friendship with Greta, she realizes that Harry might be more of a playboy than she originally thought. Harry, not wanting to lose Greta, rids his life of his old ways to start a relationship with Greta that now involves her two children. Greta tries to end her relationship with Harry when she finds out she's pregnant with his child. Not wanting to tie him down, and not wanting to admit that she's still married, she tries to push him away. Harry will not have it. He finds the estranged husband and pays him a healthy sum of money to go through an official divorce. Spring ends happily for Harry and Greta with a wedding and a baby on the way. 

Spring is another fabulous book by Mary Campisi. As a reader, you can't helped but be pulled into the intimate lives of every single character. The characters and situations they face are so real. The way Mary drew readers back into the story, while also introducing new characters was great. Mary Campisi's Spring is a heartwarming story of family, love, and forgiveness. The book is a quick and enjoyable read. I couldn't put the book down. 

I give this book four stars.

If you're looking for a romance saga, I highly recommend checking out A Family Affair Truth in Lies Saga.