Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Week in Photos

Since I have been slacking in both the taking of photos and the posting of photos to the blog, this weeks' Unapologetically You's The Week in Photos will encompass the past several week. Don't forget to follow me on instagram and twitter-- @amanda__maureen :)

an icy day

healthy and delicious workday snack

I wouldn't want to be the chicken that laid that egg..

looks like there might have been four yokes!

king cake at the office

coffee, fruit, a candle and some blogging

"tummy rub please"

happy hens lay more eggs than we know what to do with!

working on some balance

baby girl hair bows for a friends' little girl

thumb print guest book

celebrating a friend with beautiful baby shower cupcakes

baby shower centerpiece

Sarge is either looking for Jimmy Hoffa or the Oak Island treasure-- She's silly enough to think either of them could be in her backyard

looking for a treat

nom, nom, nom

getting set up

attempting a one-legged lunge using the stability ball

snow days mean inside workouts

the sprout house

my new favorite snack


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