Friday, April 3, 2015

The Week in Photos

Welcome to Unapologetically You's The Week in Photos! This weeks' post contains photos from the last several weeks.

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"whacha doing?"

I think she loves me

Pepper the Pretty Chicken

warm weather and sprouting seedlings

Nick placed 3rd in his age group. He's pretty cool.

who doesn't love a race a new race t-shirt?

months of hard work contained in 889 pages

Sarge loves getting a better vantage point over her yard

getting the garden ready

loving a ride in the car

yep, my dad might be picking the nittany lion's nose

Penn State Pooch

"tennis ball please"

half marathon PR during a training run!

"ohh, a tunnel"

"look I'm a good girl. really."

spa day in state college with a stop at the lion shrine

who said a chicken and a dog can't be friends?