Thursday, December 10, 2015

Favorite Fitness Attire {guest post}

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Welcome to another Thursday Guest Post here at Unapologetically You! This week I bring you Jenna from Little Green Running Shoes. Jenna, who lives an active and sweaty lifestyle, is sharing her favorite fitness attire. Jenna is definitely a fitness fashionista and I'm sure you'll love her outfits!

Welcome Jenna! Thank you SO much for being part of Unapologetically You.


Hi Unapologetically You readers, Jenna here from Little Green Running Shoes! Big thanks to Amanda for letting me share with you today. For those of you who don't know me, I am a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and runner. I love promoting a healthy lifestyle and finding new ways to be active. I spend most of my days in a gym or outside sweating which means my work "uniform" is very unique. This also means I have very specific and picky taste in my athletic wear. Here are my favorite brands and styles for inside and outside of the gym. 


Favorite Fitness Brands

. Old Navy
. Lulu Lemon
. Target
. Under Armour

Old Navy leggings

Favorite Outfit for the Gym

On any given day you will most likely find me wearing my favorite Old Navy black capris with a moderately loose dry fit tank (Target, Old Navy or TJ Maxx). I prefer this style for ease of movement, confidence my pants are not see through, and fashion {of course!}. I have multiple pairs of the capris and have run across a few of them staying stinky after being washed. Just soak them in some oxyclean or wash immediately after wearing to fight the smell.

leggings and TJ Maxx tank top
Favorite Outfit for Running

If the weather is warm I will always wear my Lulu Lemon running shorts and a dry fit tank top that won'e chafe in the arm pits. I love the Lulu shorts for having multiple pockets, super dry wicking fabric, and comfortable fit. If it is cold out I prefer my Nike running leggings and an Old Navy long sleeve running top. Throw a visor and a vest into the mix and I have a full outfit ready to go!

lulu lemon shorts and Target dry fit tank
Favorite Shoes

I go through shoes very quickly so I have to be judicious in my shoe budget. I look for something that is comfy, supportive, durable, and eye catching while also being budget friendly. Right now I am loving my generic Nike sneaks for teaching and working out on my own. For running I am currently wearing Asics Gel Nimbus and they are fantastic.

Asics Gel Nimbus

IMG_1899 - Copy
Nike shoes for work at the gym

Favorite Headbands

I have awkward hair that doesn't easily cooperate or agree with my lifestyle which means headbands are a must. I recently fell in love with Sweaty Bands for their functional and fashionable designs, but if you are looking for plain generic colors, Target cotton headbands are the best choice. They are easily washable and wide to keep all the stray hairs in place.

sweaty bands 003
Sweaty Band

Target head band
Target Head Band


I am the worst about socks. I wear plain white Power Sox everyday at the gym. They are a polyester blend but still have a little cotton which isn't the best kind of sock to wear. Just like shoes, I go through socks very quickly and usually prefer cost over looks. For running I prefer Brooks short compression socks. They squeeze in all the right spots and wick away moisture quickly. 

Running dress and nike hat

I'm always on the hunt for new athletic wear deals, so if you find some, please feel free to share! If you have any questions you can find me at or the major social media sites. Cheers to a healthy life!
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Isn't Jenna great?? I always love when she posts photos of her fitness attire on social media. Her outfits are always so darn cute! Make sure to head on over to Jenn's website and say hi! You can also connect with her here:

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Thanks again, Jenna, for joining us today!

Your turn! What are you favorite fitness brands? Do you mix it up or are you solely loyal to one brand?