Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016! Goals & Priorities for the New Year {free printable}

Goal Setting Worksheet, 2016, New Year, Goals, Priorities

Hello, 2016! 

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and wonderful time ringing in 2016. We enjoyed the evening eating yummy food and playing games with some friends. 

The start of a new year is always an exciting time. The past few years I have been pretty good about setting intentions for the coming year. I spend time deciding my theme for the year, what my priorities are and a set a few goals associated with those priorities.

Last years' theme was Choose Happiness.  

In 2016 I will Be Fearless

I have five specific areas of life that I will focus on in 2016.

Goal Setting Worksheet, 2016, New Year, Goals, Priorities


Relationship Goals
. Life adventures with Nick {and Sarge}!
. Regular visits, phone calls, emails, cards, etc to family
. Be intentional about girl time! Don't let months go between hangouts
. Build relationships with online blogging / fitness friends

Running & Fitness

Running Goals
. Run one race {live or virtual} per month of any distance
. Run a sub-5:00 marathon at the Blue Ridge Marathon
. Run a sub 4:30 marathon in the fall {marathon TBD}
. Attend a running clinic or workshop

Fitness Goals
. Be active every day, even if it's just a walk
. Strength training 3x per week
. Make time for stretching!

Unapologetically You

Blog Goals
. Build the Unapologetically You tribe!
. Blog consistently 3x per week
. Blog rebranding and conversion to self hosted
. Send monthly newsletter
. Attend 2016 IDEA World Fitness BlogFest in LA!

Social Media Goals
. Increase Instagram following by 50%
. Increase Twitter following by 50%
. Increase Instagram and Twitter engagement

Business Goals
. Build an inclusive {local} health & wellness meetup group {potential collaboration}
. Monthly sponsored content
. Promote and sell Unapologetically You Happy Healthy Fit tank tops
. RRCA Coaching Certification

Money Management

Money Management Goals
. Pay off 3 student loans
. Save for vacation
. Increase biweekly savings
. Stick to monthly budget!

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Goals
. Have fun and make it special! #wirzwedding #foreverbuddies
. Work through wedding map
. Create detailed budge and fill in with actuals as they happen {do not exceed $10K}.

So that's where I'm going to focus in 2016! I figured I'd spare you the nitty-gitty details under each bullet ;-)

Have you set your goals and priorities for the coming year? I created you this super cute goal setting printable worksheet to help you out. Just click here to download the PDF version! 

"Set your #goals & priorities for the #newyear. Be #fearless in your 2016 pursuits."

Your turn! Have you set your intentions for the coming year? What are your priorities?