Thursday, February 11, 2016

Declare It Day {guest post}

Welcome to another Thursday guest post here at Unapologetically You! Today I bring you Brandi from Java & Sole. Brandi is the narrator of the crazy runner girl adventures of the Java & Sole crew. She documents the lives of a group of women who have formed lifelong bonds through coffee and running {two of my absolute favorite things!}. I am amazed by, and maybe a tad bit jealous of, Java & Sole. How wonderful to have a group of women to bond with, run with, and hold each other accountable. I know you will love Brandi's post on Java & Sole's goals for Declare It Day!  

Thank you so much, Brandi, for being part of Unapologetically You!


"A goal without a plan is just a wish." I have always shied away from making New Year's Resolutions for some reason. Personally, I never put a plan in place to accomplish any of the things I was "resolving" to do, so it was more like a list of wishes for the coming year. And I certainly never wrote these resolutions down - that would might have prompted me to find a way to make them happen! 

Then last year, I discovered Declare It Day. This idea of declaring my goals... not just writing them down, but posting them where I would see them every day. Where others could see them. Sharing them on social media where friends and acquaintances far and wide could  see. For support. For accountability ... Celebrating my goals with my #girlsquad, my runner girlfriends. THIS was something I wanted to be a part of!

This past Saturday was Fellow Flower's official Declare It Day.  Just a girl and her goal - seeking empowerment while chasing a dream. 

We hit the pavement for our planned weekend training run, then met back at our local Starbucks for coffee, snacks and celebration!  

Our favorite baristas put up with us nearly every morning, usually well before sunrise, when we stumble in still half frozen from our morning run! They always have our ice water ready to go when we return, they have most of our orders memorized, and they don't mind us completely rearranging the furniture to accommodate our large groups.  {Side note: maybe we can get a "reserved" sign for the large table that seats 8-10 so we don't have to move the tables around on a Saturday?!}

Our goals varied from faith and family to fun and fitness.  Here is just a sampling of what we Declared as a group ...

FAITH/FAMILY: Treat others with kindness * Open my heart to possibilities * Give it to God * Be Present * Give Grace

FUN: Read 15 books * Say YES to volunteering * Sell my house * More impromptu fun * Expect the Unexpected * Grow Java & Sole

FITNESS: Run 1038 miles * Lose a pant size * Run 2 marathons * Eat Clean for the year * Run a Sub-2 hour half marathon (EEK!) * Run/Walk 4 half marathons * Log 1500 all-purpose miles in preparation for my first Triathlon * Continue reversing Type II Diabetes

I had my /yellow/ and /turquoise/ and /pink/ flowers on hand for this year's DID.  Yellow for Authenticity. Turquoise for Believe. Pink for Gratitude. There's a flower for every mood or situation - and wearing them reminds me that our goals, these declarations, reach far beyond our girl squad.

Always looking to encourage or inspire a friend who thinks a half marathon is outside of her comfort zone .... like my sweet friend Brooke who's been on my #girlsquad for more than 16 years, long before that was a hashtag :)  She started running with our crazy group last year and this year admitted she might consider doing a half sometime.  That was all it took ... I had her all signed up for our Runner Girl Road Trip to the Horse Capital Half Marathon before lunch!

It's not too late to DECLARE your goals for 2016! You can even print the official declaration {here} if you want. Dream Big. Write It Down. Find An Accountability Buddy or Group. Make It Happen!

A million thanks to Amanda for inviting me to guest post today and for allowing me to share our Declare It Day fun.  As a new member of the Fellow Flowers Crew, I love helping others to honor the journey. You can find us over at Java & Sole and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! THANK YOU!

"Declare your #goals w/ @javaandsole! Dream BIG & make it happen. #inspire #declareitday"

Who else is pumped up after reading about Declare It Day and making your dreams a reality?? I get giddy when I start planning my goals. I was feeling a little slump going into February where goals were concerned, but thanks to Brandi, I'm ready to tackle some goals!

Thanks again, Brandi, for joining us today.

Make sure to head over to Brandi's website and social media channels to say hi!

Your turn! Did you participate in Declare it Day? How are you feeling about your goals? Do you have an accountability group?